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White Labrador

Have you ever seen a White Labrador and wondered from where he came from or they really exist. Here are going to talk about White Labrador Retriever and everything you need to know about them.

Yes! White Labs really exist. White English Labradors are very popular nowadays. A true white color in labs is hard to find and mostly it will be pale in color.

White Labrador may be due to; a very bright shade of yellow color or missing of the gene that produces colors. The dogs which don’t have the coloring gene are called as “Albino”, and this phenomenon is seen in other animals too including humans.

Is White a Registered Labrador Color?

Labradors have only three registered colors, Black, Chocolate and Yellow.

According to the American Kennel Club:

” The Labrador Retriever coat colors are black, yellow and chocolate. Any other color or a combination of colors is a disqualification. A small white spot on the chest is permissible, but not desirable. White hairs from aging or scarring are not to be misinterpreted as brindling.

But these registered colors can be in different shades, chocolate varies from light silver to dark brown and yellow from light cream to fox red. So, if the white color in Labs is among the lighter shade of yellow, not crossbred and posses all the characteristics of Labrador Retriever then he is a purebred Lab.

Yellow color can vary from fox red to light cream. If a Labrador is much lighter in color, then he will look white and Yes! he is among the registered colors of Labrador.

Reasons for White Color in Labrador

The white color in Labradors may be due to:

  1. Albinism – A Genetic Disorder
  2. The lighter shade of Yellow

White Labradors Due to Albinism

Albinism is a rare genetic disorder that causes the hairs, skin or eyes to have no color. Labradors affected with this disorder will not have any color and looks white.

Albinism may be full or partial. Dogs with partial albinism have spots on nose and mouth. That is actually a differential point between true white and albino white color.

Albino Dog
Albino White Dog

Albinism is not a required trait in animals and it comes with many health issues like sensitivity to ultraviolet radiations, cancer, and eye problems.

The chances of an offspring with the albino gene are possible in dogs of any color like two black parents carrying albino gene can produce a pup with white albino color.

The other reason for white color is a lighter shade of yellow which looks white.

White Labradors Due to Lighter Shade of Yellow

As you already know, yellow color in Labs can vary from light cream to fox-red. The yellow Labs are selectively bred to produce white pups.

Both light cream and fox-red are the variations of same registered color that is yellow, although these two shades are visually much different from each other.

White Labrador Retriever
White Labrador Retriever

Choice of a Labrador color is personal preference and also changes according to trend. In 19s people like the darker colors like black and chocolate and then trend changes now dog lovers are coming toward lighter colors like yellow, cream and white.

The lighter shades of yellow color become white if parents with light cream color are selectively bred. The offsprings are then bred again and again to get even pure white color.

Origin of White Labradors

When Labradors originate from St. John’s Dog, they have only black color and this color was favorite among people. Dog lovers think that only black color is the true color of Labrador because their ancestors were also black in color.

At that time, when most of the black pups were born, pups of other colors like yellow and chocolate were also born. Then later trend changes and demand for yellow and chocolate color lab increased and breeder started to bred labs for other colors too.

The white color originates from yellow color. Yellow color in labs can vary from light cream to fox-red. Light cream labs bred again and again to produce more light color that eventually becomes white.

White English Labradors

Labrador Retrievers are divided into two subtypes; English Labs and American Labs, these two are widely different from each other in their characteristics and appearance.

White English Labs are easy to train and best for non-professional owners. They are good family pets and love to play with kids and other animals in the home.

White Labs
White Labs

If we talk about their appearance, they have a blocky head and heavy body. Your White English Lab will also be best for dog shows and competitions.

They have a good body conformation, slimmer neck, straight tail, filled face, and thick hair coat. These dogs are also called Show-type dogs.

White American Labradors

Although most people like the Fox-red color in American Labradors, but there some white American Lab also exist. They are best known as working dogs.

American Labs are best to compete for in field trails and are more energetic. They are best for professional owners because they need skills and time for training.

These dogs have a slim body, long legs, otter-like tail, and fine bone structure. Know more how American Labs are different from English Labs.

White Labrador Puppies

White Lab puppies can be due to two reason, one they are albino and miss colors, second, they are from yellow parents which causes the light cream to white color in them.

White color in labs is hard to find because that is not a common color of Labradors. Only those breeders have white labs which selectively bred yellow parents to produce white puppies. Their price may be high than normal black or yellow color labs.

Choose a reliable breeder to buy a puppy and your first preference should be the health of the puppy. A healthy puppy is always best than a white color puppy.

The color of a puppy can widely differ when he will be adult. Puppies have mostly darker shade and it becomes light as he grows. Finding a pure white Lab is really hard?

Finding a right breeder is always necessary because some problems are in the dog’s genetics and these can’t be cured like bad temperament.

Video: White Labrador Retriever


If you want something different, then White Labradors are definitely for you. They look amazing, cute and from another world. White Labs have qualities similar to other labradors. They are easy to train, good family pets and love to play with kids.

Finding a true white color in labs is always hard. Albino labs can be confused with true white labs. Albino labs miss the gene that produces color and they also have many problems like skin sensitivity to ultra-violet radiations and blindness.

People mostly prefer the English White Labs over American, because they are easy to train, good for non-professional owners and prove to be a good family pet.

Always prefer the health of dog over his color because a healthy dog can perform his daily activities and live without any trouble.

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